Vishal is a fine-art photographer currently based in Surat, Gujarat, India. He took up photography in 2013, he is the founders of DL Films.

He likes to tell stories through photographs by placing them on the edge of reality where the visuals are realistic but hard to believe.

DL Film’s traveling and destination wedding project is mostly done by Vishal. He had very good skill in cinematography and pre-wedding video shoot.

Knowing their clients and being a part of their stories to a certain extent helps clients to establish a bond with him. This inspires him to capture their raw nature and true self.



Akshay is the better half of DL FIlms, He learns photography and candid shoot from his elder brother Vishal. He started professional wedding photography in 2015.

He is a guy who brings energy, liveliness, mischievous, travel plans and good food on the table. Over the years he has developed taste in aesthetics, colors, and design.

Being a wedding photographer allows him to meet different people, different couples, families and he gets to learn so much from their experiences.